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Remove duplicate music files and
organize the music collection on your Windows PC

Systweak's proprietary technology searches through every type of audio file on your computer, looking for duplicates. Duplicate Music Fixer recovers valuable hard drive space, and makes your music collection more enjoyable.

Compatible OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, Vista and XP (32/64bit)


Whether you're a serious musician or you just enjoy listening to your music collection while you're relaxing at home, you'll appreciate that Duplicate Music Fixer has taken the duplicates - and the clutter - out of your music files. Remove repetitive files today, and relax and enjoy your music.


Scan Audio Files

Windows supports nearly two dozen types of
audio files. Duplicate Music Fixer supports them, too.


Create Playlists for Albums and Singles

Automatically create playlists of all of your tunes
for smooth listening.


Delete Duplicate Songs

With a single click, you can get rid of your duplicate music files.

How does Duplicate Music Fixer work?

Here's how easy it is to clean up your music collection in four easy steps

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Step 1: Add Folders


Duplicate Music Fixer can find songs in your Windows Music folder, in your iTunes music folder, or anywhere on your computer. Tell the software where to look for duplicates.

Step 2: Search for Duplicates


Simply click the "Search Duplicates" button, and the software will analyze your music collection and identify duplicates.

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Step 3: Create a Playlist


Duplicate Music Fixer will identify the original and all duplicates of each song. You can choose to build a playlist for your music collection.

Step 4: Delete the Duplicates


Select the music from the scan results that you want to delete. The software will remove them automatically, and save you a bunch of disk space.

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  • Customer Reviews


    “My entire system had multiple copies of music files that I had to delete them manually! One fine scan of this software did wonders for me. From 12GB audio files, I came down to 6.2GB of unique music files.”

    Veronica Lopez

    Disc Jockey (DJ)

  • Customer Reviews


    “This software helped me clean all annoying duplicate music files on my system & I now have a well-organized music library with no duplicate audio file. Totally worth it.”

    Ruben Terry

    Home User

  • Customer Reviews


    "I just saved my system from frequently hanging by deleting about 5gb of duplicate music files I never knew existed on my system. I give it a thumbs-up"

    Daisy Neal


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Delete Duplicate Music Files and Organize Your Music Collection

It's easy to accumulate hundreds - or thousands - of songs on your computer's hard drive. With people sharing your home or work computer, you can expect to find a lot of duplicate music. Duplicate Music Fixer can keep your music collection organized and free of clutter. Manually finding and removing duplicate songs takes forever. Duplicate Music Fixer does the work simply and easily. Organize your entire music collection, or work on one subgroup of music at a time. Relax and enjoy your music knowing that your collection is clean and organized. Relax knowing that duplicates in your music collection aren't the cause of your hard drive filling up month after month. With just a few clicks, Duplicate Music Fixer will bring you peace of mind and hours of music enjoyment.

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Compatible OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, Vista and XP (32/64bit)

Benefits of Duplicate Music Fixer

You've been avoiding the tedious job of removing duplicates from your music collection. Now Duplicate Music Fixer can do all of the repetitive work for you. With just a few clicks, you can search thousands of music files throughout your Windows PC, or in specified areas. You'll be surprised how quickly and easily you can remove the duplicates. And you'll be pleased with the disk space that you've made available for other files. Download Duplicate Music Fixer today and take control of your music collection.


Organize Your Music Library

Deleting duplicates makes it more pleasant to listen to your collection. Turn a bunch of sound into a collection of music.


Increase Disk Space

Fewer duplicate files means more room for new music.


Eliminate Duplicates

Eliminate clutter and redundancy, and make your music collection more fun.




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